Half Life 2 RP Rules

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Half Life 2 RP Rules

Post by hieupham1999 on Mon Sep 21, 2015 9:16 am

Staff reserve the right to warn and then enforce consequences based on common sense or subjective interpretations. Saying that something isn't explicitly in the rules is not an excuse to make the game less enjoyable for others. Staff are not excluded from this.

These may be updated at any time. (there are more to come)

1. You may not RDM- Random Death Match (randomly killing a player without valid rp reason).
1b: No "my char is crazy ic" or "I like killing people IC" or anything that a staff deems to be mingey or generically idiotic is not a valid rp reason.​

2. You may not metagame- Taking information stated in OOC to advance your character IC
2b: No metabaiting: Saying something like "Slums sure is empty" in OOC to bait people into metagaming and entering the slums.​

3. When your character is killed NLR applies (Unless your PK'd)- New Life Rule. Your character forgets everything within 20 minutes before he died, including people he met and locations he found, if you are killed within the sewers or nexus your death will generally be permanent

4. You may not spam in any way.

5. You may not cheat in any way, nor use exploits in the gamemode to receive special benefits or items. This will result in a ban. (Our anticheat will kick you if you accidentally join with them on)

6. You must use the chat system in a correct way. You may not write OOC messages in the IC chat etc.

7. You may not disconnect from the server or change character to avoid roleplay.

8. Your character's physical description must be in full English.

9. Your character is not over-powered and must have both strengths and weaknesses like everybody else.

10. You may not disrespect anyone on the server, staff or player alike.

11. Roleplay fear when reasonable (A gun is pointed at you)

12. This server is almost always P2L (play to lose)- Attempt to lose in the proper situations (For example you are being held down by multiple people) and S2M (shoot to miss) unless both parties agree to Roll/S2K (shoot to kill)
12b: S2K is used in close situations and when there is literally no way the other person can get out of being shot. Please use logic and don't cry "RDM OMG ADMIN S2K!!! OMG ADMINNNNNN"​

13. Please type properly and use correct grammar while IC (Not required OOC but extremely recommended.

14. You must have a proper character name. Characters from Half Life franchise/Famous names are not allowed. Using names such as Harry Dong or other minge names will result in a kick or ban to the staff members discretion.

15. You must roleplay all injuries.

16. The roll command is only used in chance situations or when both players in a situation agree to roll.

17. You must use a /me when picking up items

18. ERP- explicit role play is permitted only in private, most of the staff and players are uncomfortable with this, if any local players complain and ask you to stop, you'd best to it.

19. You may be racist in character but if it becomes so severe that it is to the point if mingery you will be punished.

20. If you have a weapon equipped, everyone can see it. To hide your weapon, you must always use your inventory and never your physical description.

21. People who argue and whine on the server will be banned. If you want to bring up criticism, you should do it in the right section on the forums in a formal and professional manner.

22. You may not transfer money or items between your own characters.

23. Voiding a situation requires the approval of all parties involved. If someone does not approve of a void, it cannot be voided so be careful what you type. this rule also applies to Staff unless they are called to settle an argument over it. Exceptions may be made.
23b: All resistance bases and the Nexus are strictly IC zones, doing anything stupid in these areas will not be voided and you will pay the IC cost (Possibly your life)​

24. Do not commit a crime if you do not have enough time to roleplay its consequences. Logging off when in detainment will result in a 24 hour ban. Some exceptions apply but do not abuse this.

25. You may not play a character/create a character under the age of 20 or over the age of 70.
25b: If your character is 65 and over time ages above 70 this is acceptable but the age must occur ingame and not in the characters background story.​

26. If a player is captured and killed in roleplay means, it is up to the captor/admins to decide if that character is permakilled. These pk's usually are not undone but can be appealed.

27: When staff tell you to get IC and you refuse, expect a punishment.

28: General mingey activities (door spamming, grouping up with steam friends to target and mug players) will result in a lengthy if not permanent ban.
28b: If a suspected minge group, if one member of the group is banned for minge like behavior, the ban applies to the entire group.

29: When a resistance base is found, the knowledge of the base by the Metropolice force is to be voided after the one who found the base or sold the base out has died or has left the server for at least two to three weeks.


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