Half-Life 2 Roleplay Staff Guidelines

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Half-Life 2 Roleplay Staff Guidelines

Post by hieupham1999 on Mon Sep 21, 2015 9:22 am

In progress, but in effect.

1. Staff are required to follow common player rules.

2. The staff are forbidden to discuss penalty cases with other staff members or regular players without the permission of a senior staff member. (This can lead to a demotion)

3. Staff must show professionalism and maturity. They must set an example for regular players.

4. Please comply with the requests/orders of those above you in rank.

5. Follow the NYPD's CPR Slogan(Courtesy Professionalism Respect ). You will recognize this as our core values as a staff member.

6. You will treat players with respect, as you will fellow staff and superiors.


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