Vortigaunt Application Format

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Vortigaunt Application Format

Post by Monty on Wed Sep 23, 2015 11:14 pm

Out Of Character Section:
Steam Name:
Steam ID:
In-Game Name:

1. How long have you been role-playing? Integrate a detailed background for your roleplay experience.

2. How long have you been on Dystopia Half Life 2 Roleplay?

3. Do you know what Fear role-play is? Please provide an example of fear role-play in a detailed and plausible scenario.

4. Do you have any other experiences in other whitelist? Provide a detailed experience showing your mastery of the lore of Half-Life 2 Roleplay.

5. Do you know what Passive role-play is? Please provide an example of Passive role-play with a plausible and detailed scenario.

5. Have you ever been kicked or banned? If you have, please explain the situation.

6. Please explain why you would like the Vortigaunt Whitelist. Please give a detailed explanation.

7. Have you ever role-play as a Vortigaunt? Please provide a ten line scenario while utilizing the Vortigaunt whitelist.

8. Can you provide an explanation of the Vortigaunts’ past. How did they come to Earth and how did they become enslaved. (Two-paragraph).

9. How are the Vortigaunts perceived by the humans? Are they good? Are they bad?

10. Did you know that Vortigaunts have a unique vocabulary. Are you willing to learn it if you have not already?

11. Are you well known in our community?

12. Tell us anything else that you feel would make you stand out.

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